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Everyone gets angry sometimes. It’s a normal emotion when we feel we have been treated unfairly. Anger comes in varying degrees – from minor irritations and frustration to major fury about abuse or unjust treatment.

Anger can be powerful, and if expressed constructively, it can be a catalyst for positive change. On the other hand, if not handled properly, anger can be extremely destructive and lead to problems in all aspects of life: relationships, school or work, or our health. Poorly managed anger is often associated with aggression and illness.

If anger is interfering with your relationships, job performance or school performance, or leading to a loss of control over your behaviour or preventing the enjoyment of life, it is time to seek support.

If you are concerned about the anger being expressed by your foster child, please contact your Community Social Service Worker and seek help through your local health care provider.


Anger and Violent Behaviour, Health and Social Services, Government of Nunavut


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Books in Your Community

For Adults

Angry Children, Worried Parents: Seven Steps to Help Families Manage Anger, Sam Goldstein, Robert Brooks and Sharon Weiss.

Getting to Calm: Cool-Headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens and Teens, Jennifer Wyatt.

Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice, Sara Chana Radcliffe, Harper Collins.

What Angry Kids Need: Parenting Your Angry Child Without Going Mad, Jennifer Anne Brown, Pam Provonsha Hopkins.

For Children and Youth

A Volcano in My Tummy, Eliane Whitehouse.

Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out: The Anger Management Book, Jerry Wilde.

How to Take the Grrr Out of Anger, Elizabeth Verdick & Marjorie Lisovskis.

My Book Full of Feelings: How to Control and React to the Size of Your Emotions, Amy Jaffe and Luci Gardner.

What to do When Your Temper Flares: A Kids Guide to Overcoming Problems with Anger, Dawn Huebner.