Family Services

Family Violence

Family violence is a serious issue and a major concern in Nunavut. Family violence can include physical, verbal or sexual abuse.

Any kind of family violence can have a serious physical, mental and emotional impact on a child or youth. If you suspect a child has experienced family violence it is important to seek help immediately. Contact your Community Social Services Worker or local health care provider. Early diagnosis is very important for the health and development of the child.

If you know of a child in need of protection, it is your duty to report this to the police. Contact your local RCMP, Social Services office, or tell a teacher, nurse or social worker.
If you are a child being abused or neglected, do not keep it a secret. Tell a teacher, relative, nurse, social worker or any other adult you can trust.
In an emergency, call your local RCMP detachment,. If there are children in the home, the RCMP will contact the social worker. You may also go to your local shelter, if available.
Nunavut currently has Family Violence Shelters in the following communities: Cambridge Bay; Iqaluit; Kugluktuk; and Rankin Inlet. Referrals to these shelters can be made by your local social worker, RCMP, or by visiting the shelter in person.


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Books in Your Community

For Adults

A Family That Fights, Sharon C. Bernstein.

Helping Your Child Recover from Sexual Abuse, Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay.

For Children and Youth

Hear My Roar: A Story of Family Violence, Gillian Watts.

How Long Does It Hurt: A Guide to Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for Teenagers, Their Friends and Family.

I Said No: A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private, Zach King and Kimberly King.

Invisible Girls: The Truth About Sexual Abuse, Patti Feuereisen and Caroline Pincus.

It Happened to Me: A Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Sexual Abuse, Lee Carter.

Repair for Kids: A Children’s Program for Recovery from Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse, Marjorie McKinnon.

Something is Wrong at My House: A Book About Parents' Fighting, Diane Davis.

When a Family is in Trouble: Children Can Cope with Grief from Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Marge Heegaard.