Family Services

Foster Parent Roles and Responsibilities

The role of foster parents is to provide day-to-day parental care and create an atmosphere that promotes the ongoing development for a child or youth.

Foster parenting involves many aspects of care:

Home Environment – providing a safe and caring home environment and taking an interest in the foster child’s school work, leisure and sport activities. It’s important to ensure the child is provided with the same respect, space and attention as the other family members.

Physical Care – providing the physical necessities (e.g. clothing, medical care, healthy diet), consistent with your family lifestyle and the norms of the community.

Emotional and Social Care – providing a family experience that respects the cultural identity of the child, promotes his or her emotional and social growth, and supports participation in social and recreational programs.

Educational Care – ensuring the school is notified of the child’s presence in your home (the Community Social Service Worker will also submit a form) and that the child attends school, as well as supporting his or her education and arranging transportation.

Privacy and Confidentiality – treating the foster child with respect. It’s important to keep all information provided by your social worker about the child, confidential from neighbors, friends or members of your extended family.

Preparing the Child for the Future – preparing the child if he/she is to return home, be placed for adoption, or placed in some other type of residential care. If the child remains in your home, it’s also important to prepare the child for independence by teaching basic life skills including finances, looking for work, setting future educational/career goals, and others.

Communicating with the Community Social Service Worker – providing your Community Social Service Worker with ongoing information regarding your foster child.

These are highlights of some of the foster parent roles and responsibilities. For more details, please see the Foster Family Manual.