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Grief and Bereavement

Grief is what we experience when we lose someone close to us or something we feel is important. No-one really knows how a loss is going to affect someone. Grief is complicated and people may react differently.

Children at various ages may have different concepts of death and loss, and may grieve differently than adults. You may notice changes in their behavior such as acting out, having a hard time with school work, clinging more to a parent or being worried.

Youth may have a better understanding of loss, but may try coping in other ways. They may try to be more independent, experience more anxiety or look outside the family for ways to cope, such as turning to alcohol or drugs.

Counseling or therapy may be necessary to work through grief. For assistance contact your local health care provider.

(Resource: – Grief and Bereavement Issues)


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Books in Your Community

For Adults

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For Children and Youth

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