Family Services

Inuit Parenting & Culture

It’s important for Inuit children to continue to experience the Inuit culture, even when they are in foster care.

This web page offers some links and books that may be of interest to foster parents and other parents raising Inuit children or children in Inuit communities.


The Inuit Way: A Guide to Inuit culture

Health Canada – First Nations, Inuit and Aboriginal Health

Inuit Art Foundation

National Inuit Youth Council

Paukuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Tamapta – Building Our Future Together: Government of Nunavut Priorities

Books in Your Community

Child Rearing Manual, Meeka Arnakaq (PDF)

The Iceberg Healing Manual, Meeka Arnakaq (PDF)

Teamwork and job involvement Training, Meeka Arnakaq (PDF)

Expanding One’s Environment for a Healthy lifestyle, Meeka Arnakaq (PDF)