Family Services

The word "foster"

The word "foster" means to help someone (or something) grow and develop. It also means to take care of someone's needs. Foster parents, then, are people who provide a safe place where children can be cared for. Foster Families take children into their homes and let them stay for a while.

The children of this country are our greatest assets and they deserve a safe nurturing home environment, protection, support, love and understanding, healthcare, education and justice. Foster Families play a vital role in ensuring that these needs are met.

Some 200 homes in Nunavut include a foster child. These Foster Families come from all walks of life and their primary motivation is an interest in making a difference in the lives of children. Foster Parents work as part of a professional team towards the goal of family reunification. The Department of Health and Social Services strives to assist vulnerable children and youth through very difficult times and a vital part of this assistance is Foster Families.

We invite you to explore this web site for more information on who Foster Families are and how you can become a Foster Family in Nunavut.